Full-Sized Video Pinball w/ 64 Pinball Games + 2,100 Video Games


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Full-Sized Video Pinball w/ 64 Pinball Games + 2,100 Video Games

This is a free-standing, upright video pinball system with traditional, pull-back spring plunger and light-up side flipper buttons. A built-in selection of 64 different virtual pinball tables can be displayed on the horizontal 42″ LCD screen/ playing surface.

A vertically-mounted 32″ screen displays various table-specific animations, and a traditional pinball LED dot-matrix display displays high score information.

This upright video pinball machine is preloaded with 64 different, fully-3D, animated pinball tables.

In addition to the built-in pinball table selection, this video pinball machine is also pre-loaded with “2,100 video games”. The table includes two arcade joysticks and a two sets of arcade buttons, in addition to a trackball. All arcade controls feature vivid RGB backlighting so that your pinball table will command attention, even when it’s not in use.

– Dimensions: 56″L x 32″W X 77″H 

– Weight: 400 pounds

– Plug-and-play, no setup necessary!


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